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Roll Shagger is built tough in the USA with the highest quality materials. Whether called a carpet pole, carpet poles, rug ram, rug pole, carpet stinger, roll mover or coil boom, using a fork mounted Roll Shagger saves time and prevents workplace injuries.

Our advantage over our competition is that we build everything here in the U.S. in Long Beach, California. We do not sell imported or pre- fabricated units or equipment. All of our products are thoroughly welded! We do not spot weld anything. When you contact Roll Shagger, you will speak to a very knowledgeable person because we sell only the products that we build! We do not sell generic items out of a catalog.

Roll Shagger is a very high quality forklift attachment that allows the forklift operator to move roll goods with the forks still attached. All of the photos on this website are actual Roll Shagger products, designed and built by Roll Shagger.

Eliminate the unsafe and time consuming forklift task of making the changeover from forks to pole. Drive the forks of your forklift into the Roll Shagger and back the forks out when done. Using the Roll Shagger gives the forklift operator more time to complete important material handling tasks safely translating into time and money saved.


Custom built and hand crafted to meet the customer's material handling needs

Does not restrict the diameter of the roll goods, such as carpet and linoleum, that can be handled

Equipped with hook and chain to secure the Roll Shagger to the forklift carriage

Designed with reinforced steel at the entry points where forks are inserted to prevent damage to the Roll Shagger

There is no need for additional forklifts when handling carpet and other roll goods

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