Roll Shagger Carpet Pole

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"Glad we changed our way of handling sheet vinyl.  We don't have to worry about accidents anymore caused by changing the forks to the heavy pole.  We just drive into the Roll Shagger and go!"  - Carlos, Livermore, CA

"We wanted you to know how much time and effort your product has saved us. I don't dread working in the warehouse when the Mohawk truck pulls up. I can't believe we waited as long as we did to pick one up. The Roll Shagger paid for itself the first week." - P.J., Norcross, GA

"We used a different type before and we were not happy. Your Roll Shagger product is very high quality. It is easy to use and it looks like it will last forever!" - Curt, Amarillo, TX

"We have to move carpet quickly for location shooting. Roll Shagger allows us to do that. And the Roll Shagger fits nicely in a remote corner, out of the way when not in use." - Ira, Studio City, CA

"I had an employee hurt their back by lifting a carpet pole. Because of that injury my Worker's Comp premiums increased by $30,000 per year for three consecutive years. With the Roll Shagger I no longer have to worry about injuries of this nature." - Bruce, Seattle, WA

"We used to have three forklifts and two poles. Now we use the Roll Shagger, one forklift and that's it. We saved a bundle!" - Fred, Denver C

Roll Shagger not only provided us with high quality carpet poles to handle our material, they also provided high quality custom built staging racks. – Sean, Cleveland, OH

Industry Uses

Roll Shaggers are currently used in the following industries:
Environmental Engineering Services
Exposition Service Industry
Mobile Modular
Movie Industry
Paper and Plastics Industry
State and City Dot Project
Synthetic Turf Industry
Vinyl Film
Steel Pipe