Roll Shagger Carpet Pole


Fork Lift AttachmentRoll Shagger is built tough in the USA with the highest quality materials. Whether called a carpet pole, carpet poles, rug ram, rug pole, carpet stinger, roll mover or coil boom, using a fork mounted Roll Shagger saves time and prevents workplace injuries.

Roll Shagger is a very high quality forklift attachment that allows the forklift operator to move roll goods with the forks still attached.

Eliminate the unsafe and time consuming forklift task of making the changeover from forks to pole. Drive the forks of your forklift into the Roll Shagger and back the forks out when done. Using the Roll Shagger gives the forklift operator more time to complete important material handling tasks safely translating into time and money saved.


Roll Shagger


When using a Roll Shagger, the load capacity of the forklift decreases due to the extended load center.
To obtain OSHA safey data, please contact us and our safety experts will be happy to assist you with your needs.